It’s high time to present the cast of playable characters of our upcoming mobile Android game, Quest for Bass (available as free-to-play on November 16 from the Google Play Store)! In Quest for Bass, you control Blouf, hedgehog and DJ, and his three hedgehog friends in collecting as much bass as possible for Blouf’s upcoming album (yes, we know, that old chestnut, a story as old as time…).

Blouf, the hedgehog
Blouf, the main character, has an insatiable appetite for candy and bass. While Blouf claims to be a world famous DJ with a very large fan base, his SoundCloud page tells a slightly different story….

Hepyli, the hedgehog
Hepyli is a slightly arrogant fellow who’s convinced he’s the true main character of the game. Claims to be immortal, but rarely attempts to present any evidence to back this up. Likes to brand things with his name (case in point, the speakers manufactured by Hepyli Technologies scattered all around the game, and the nightclub level, Club Hepyli…).


Lillis, the hedgehog
Lillis, a hedgehog born and raised in Sweeeden, has about five catch phrases and keeps on using them repeatedly. Again and again and again. In just about every circumstance imaginable. Did I mention he’s from Sweeeden?

Fluffy, the hedgehog
Fluffy is obsessed with logic and judging things based on how logical they are. Things tend to be logical when he likes them, and illogical when he dislikes them. Come to think of it, I’m not sure he knows the definition for logic. A big fan of sci-fi franchises.

You’ll meet them all on November 16 in Quest for Bass!