Our brand new Android game, Quest for Bass, has been available in the Google Play Store for a week or two – hopefully you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far (and if you’re on an Android device and haven’t played yet, what are you waiting for?! Download and play it now)!

We’ve got some more stuff for Blouf and friends to do in future updates to the game:

  • Player challenges and achievements! We’re you able to last five minutes in the first level without getting hurt, unlocked one of the playable characters, or have you collected more than 1000 basses so far? Awesome! In upcoming versions, you’ll be able to earn vinyls by completing challenges and unlocking achievements!
  • More levels! Already able to survive indefinitely in the club level? No worries, Blouf’s adventures will continue in a few more levels: he’ll venture to a recording studio to lay down some beats, and after that he’ll probably go for a stroll in the old town…
  • More unlockable characters! Only a couple of Blouf’s friends (and Hepyli) appear in the game, but more of Blouf’s vast social network is waiting in the wings to help out!

We’ll be updating the game over the coming months with tons of new features, so do stay tuned for more Quest for Bass news!