Stroberock specialises in development of digital experiences, ranging from web applications and services to 2D platform games (especially those featuring hedgehogs).

A screenshot from the game Bandwagon. Four words are laid out in a square pattern with several letters missing, and it's the task of the player to find the missing letters. Below the square is a keyboard for input of the missing letters.


Bandwagon is a word game inspired by the latest word game craze. Your task is to find four words. The words are arranged in a rectangle (the horizontal words written left-to-right and the vertical ones top-to-bottom), sharing first and last letters. The game is free to play and is available in English as well as in Swedish.

Quest for Bass (link to the game page)

Quest for Bass

Our first game, Quest for Bass, is available for free and ad-free on an Android device near you! Quest for Bass is a 2D platform game in the endless runner genre, featuring our beloved hedgehog mascots.