Stroberock specialises in development of digital experiences, ranging from web applications and services to 2D platform games (especially those featuring hedgehogs).

A screenshot from the DeepTopelius website, with nine rows of text in 19th century Swedish.


DeepTopelius is a text generator and accompanying web app that produces text in the style of Zacharias Topelius, a Finnish Swedish language 19th century author. A selection of the best / most amusing sentences produced are presented on the DeepTopelius website (in Swedish). The text generator itself is neural network-based (AI as the cool kids call it).

Quest for Bass (link to the game page)

Quest for Bass

Our first game, Quest for Bass, is available for free and ad-free on an Android device near you! Quest for Bass is a 2D platform game in the endless runner genre, featuring our beloved hedgehog mascots.